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The Enlightened Degree College, Jhunir //

From the Principal's Desk

The Enlightened Group of Colleges, Jhunir

"Education is simply the soul of the society as its passes from one generation to another"


Choosing where to continue your education is a major decision & I believe that The Enlightened College to be the best choice for those will not regret especially whose you are ambitious & determined to succeed. We are able to focus on the needs of each individual student and aim to nurture them in order to ensure their path of study at The Enlightened College is most successful & improves future prospects.

I am pleased that you are thinking about joining The Enlightened College for your nest step. Where the students progress well in their studies as well as in their health & we are very proud of their achievements. We are particularly proud of the progress our students make from their own individuals starting points and the incredibly positive destinations their ultimately achieve in good higher education. Students as you think about where you would like to progress you studies; what subjects you would like to study and where you will most benefits from your college experience.

India is only concentrating to increase & manipulate the literacy rate without educating the pupils. Only ornamental knowledge is like that "the little knowledge is dangerous thing". So India government initiated the social groups , Societies & trusts to participate in educating the pupils but on the call of India govt. so many commercial organization registered themselves under societies act1860 &misuse the invitation of India government to take part to educating the men & society & these commercial groups only considered as a business not as Nobel profession. There are so many mishappenings on the name of educating the pupils. It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate you on choosing "The Enlightened College, Jhunir" for admission and also welcome you to the college. The branches of the tree of knowledge will spread far & wide, yet it is the roots that will give strength & sustenance to the learner fluttering merely in the breeze. We need to set & achieve highest standards in education as our sublime mission in quality education & character building. I believe that young people grow & learn through experience give them opportunities of affirm their choices encourage to act, behave. Discipline is an integer aspect of growth as it helps to develop self control. "I hope you too choose to be a part of our beginning and continuity success". There will be only joke if I am not pointing the Shaheed Bhagat's Singh's thinking on education.

He says," "ਪੜ੍ਹੋ, ਪੜ੍ਹ੍ਚੋਲ ਕਰੋ ਅਤੇ ਅਭਿਆਸ ਕਰੋ""


The Enlightened College