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The Enlightened Group of Colleges, Jhunir //

From the Chairman Desk

The Enlightened Group of Colleges, Jhunir

"Dear Students,
I would like to offer my best wishes to you all.
It is appropriate for us to remember a verse from Sri Rabindranath Tagore's Poem.

“Spring has passed has gone winter is here and the Song I meant to sing remains unsung for I have spent my days stringing &Unstringing my instrument”.

At The Enlightened College we make sure every day counts & gets you one step closer to your Lang cherished dream! The need for Quality education has never been so acute them it is today. Understanding this need of the time "The Enlightened Society" has gone a long way in promoting quality education through its various endeavors.

We at The Enlightened colleges are striving very hard to impart education that not only sharpens the intellectual faculty of the students but inculcates ethical, aesthetic values, emotional stay abilities. Molding a multifaceted personality that is ready shoulder responsibilities towards the family, the society & the nation. I believe that true education is one that helps to develop overall personality of individuals. Therefore academic is complemented with co- curriculum, extra-curriculum and sports activities in the campus.

I, on behalf of "The Enlightened Group of Colleges" assure you that at this college your ward will get best of the infrastructural facilities, caring attention & right academic ambience which as a student's you had dream of.

"This dream will not have any boundaries"


The Enlightened Group of Colleges

The Enlightened Group of Colleges, Jhunir