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The Enlightened Group of Colleges, Jhunir
Academic calendar for the session 2016-17
Sr. no. Tentative DatesDayProgramNo. of days
115/07/2016FridayInauguration of the Session 2016-17 Sem 1st1
218/7/2016 to 20/7/2016Monday to WednesdayOrientation of the syllabus3
321/7/2016 to 28/7/2016ThursdayTeaching days4
429/7/2016FridayTalent hunt1
51/8/2016 to 12/8/2016Monday to FridayTeaching days10
615/8/2016MondayIndependence day Celebration1
716/8/2016 to 30/8/2016Tuesday to TuesdayTeaching Days11
831/7/2016WednesdayClass test/House test/Seminar1
91/9/2016ThursdayTeaching day1
102/9/2016FridayHoliday(Gupurab Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)1
115/9/2016MondayTeachers day Celebration1
126/9/2016 to 9/9/2016Tuesday to FridayTeaching days4
1413/9/2016 to 21/9/2016Tuesday to WednesdayTeaching day1
1514/9/2016WednesdayHindi Diwas1
1613/9/2016 to 21/9/2016Thursday to WednesdayTeaching days7
1722/9/2016 to 30/9/2016Thursday to Friday1st Terminal Exam5
1828/9/2016WednesdayHoliday(Bhagat Singh Birthday)1
193/10/2016 to 4/10/2016Monday to TuesdayTeaching Days2
205/10/2016WednesdayWorld Teacher's Day1
216/10/2016 to 15/10/2016Thursday to FridayTeaching days7
2217/10/2016MondayHoliday(Gupurab Shri Guru Ram Das ji)1
2318/10/2016 TuesdayIndoor activities(poster making, debate, quiz ,rangoli,mehandi, singing, poetry)1
2419/10/2016 to 29/10/2016Wednesday to ThursdayTeaching days9
262/11/2016 to 4/11/2016Monday to FridayTeaching days5
277/11/2016MondaySeminar(world cancer awareness day)1
288/11/2016 to 11/11/2016Tuesday to FridayTeaching days4
29 14/11/2016MondayHoliday(Gupurab Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji)1
3015/11/2016 to 24/11/2016Tuesday to Thursday2nd Terminal Exam8
3125/11/2016 to 30/11/2016Friday to WednesdaySyllabus Revision 4
321/12/2016Thursday World AIDS day1
332/12/2016 to 30/12/2017Friday to FridayFinal exam and Practical29
Total no of working days 94
Academic calendar for the session 2016-17
Sr. no. Tentative DatesDayProgramNo. of days
12/1/2017MondayNew Semester Start 1
23/1/2017 to 5/1/2017Tuesday to ThursdayAkhand Path Sahib Ji (Shri Guru Gobind Singh jyanti)3
36/1/2017 to 25/1/2017Friday to WednesdayTeaching days14
426/1/2017ThursdayRepublic day Celebration 1
527/1/2017 to 31/1/2017Friday to TuesdayTeaching days3
61/2/2017 to 9/2/2017Wednesday to ThursdayTeaching days7
710/2/2017FridayHoliday (Shri Guru Ravidas Ji jyanti)1
813/2/2017 to 15/2/2017Monday to WednesdayTeaching days3
916/2/2017 to 17/2/2017Thursday to FridayAthletic Meet2
1020/2/2017 to 27/2/2017Monday to Monday1st Terminal Exam6
1128/2/2017TuesdayNational Science day1
121/3/2017 to 7/3/2017Wednesday to TuesdayTeaching days4
138/3/2017WednesdayWomen Empowerment program (National Women day)1
149/3/2017 to 10/3/2017Thursday to FridayTeaching days2
1513/3/2017MondayHoli Celebration1
1614/3/2017 to 23/3/2017Tuesday to ThursdayTeaching days8
1724/3/2017FridayOne day Education Trip1
1827/3/2017 to 31/3/2017Monday to FridayTeaching days5
193/4/2017MondayTeaching day1
204/4/2017TuesdayHoliday(Ram Navami)1
215/4/2017 to 13/4/2017Wednesday to ThursdayTeaching days7
2214/4/2017FridayInter House competition and campus Beautification day1
2317/4/2017 to 21/4/2017Monday to FridayTeaching days5
2422/4/2017SaturdayWorld Earth day1
2524/4/2017 to 29/4/2017Monday to Saturday2nd Terminal Exam6
261/5/2017MondayLabor day1
272/5/2017 to 5/5/2017Tuesday to FridayTeaching days4
288/5/2017MondayRed Cross day1
299/5/2017 to 15/5/2017Tuesday to MondaySyllabus revision 5
Total no of working days 94